Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Close to 180,000 men in the U.S. requested male breast reduction surgery in the past two years, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  For many years, Dr. Schulman has been performing male breast reduction surgery on men who have not been able to improve the appearance of their breast like chest otherwise, as follows:

  • Remove excess glandular breast tissue
  • Improve breast sagginess or droopiness
  • Enhance social, physical and intimate activities that had otherwise been avoided
  • Boost self image and confidence

Dr. Schulman is keenly familiar with advanced body contouring techniques to perform male breast reduction surgery, also known as gynecomastia surgery.

During consultation, Dr. Schulman will consider the degree of excess breast tissue, the amount of redundant skin, breast firmness and skin elasticity and recommend the most appropriate procedure for you. Dr. Schulman will also discuss anesthesia choices, recovery aids and guidelines to follow in order to help ensure the best outcome for your procedure. Some men are interested in having a facial plastic surgery procedure or liposuction on abdomen, hips and/or back as well. Dr. Schulman will develop a precise treatment plan to achieve all goals.

During surgery in a state of the art facility, Dr. Schulman may use liposuction and reposition existing breast tissue. Dr. Schulman’s outstanding staff members will assist you every step of the way through the recovery process. In fact, his staff combines over 40 years of experience to provide the highest level of care. Safety and comfort are the priorities at Dr. Schulman’s practice. He also understands the sensitive nature of male breast reduction surgery and is committed to your privacy.

The results will be immediately evident following surgery. Within a day, men are usually performing most normal activities. Any visible scars are well hidden and will continue to fade over time.

Male breast reduction surgery offers men a more masculine chest through a minimally invasive approach. Men often remark that they enjoy a number of activities much better following male breast reduction surgery, and the improvement in self-image makes them more comfortable and confident in social situations.

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