Thigh Lift

The thigh lift procedure is common among people who have lost weight and have excess loose sagging skin. The thigh area also commonly becomes loose during the normal aging process. Dr. Schulman uses his scientific background, technical skill and aesthetic expertise to improve the contours of the thighs, including:

  • Improve loose skin on the inner and outer thigh
  • Improve sagging skin on the inner and outer thighs
  • Reduce contour irregularities

During consultation with Dr. Schulman, he will discuss all aspects of the procedure including options for minimally invasive and short-scar techniques. He will take time to answer all your questions about the thigh lift to be certain you are fully informed about the procedure. You will learn about the expected recovery process.

Thigh Lift Surgery

During surgery for the thigh lift, Dr. Schulman will remove excess skin from the upper thigh through an incision appropriate for the amount of excess skin that you have. This incision may be hidden within the groin crease or may extend along the inner aspect of the inner thigh in cases of severe skin excess.  The incision may also extend along the buttock crease.  He will then remove excess skin and use sutures to lift the remaining skin into a position of better contour. At this time other procedures may be performed such as liposuction to ensure your aesthetic goals are achieved. Upon completion of the procedure, you will proceed to a recovery room and subsequently discharged home the same day.

The results of the thigh lift are seen immediately and will continue to improve over the following weeks. This is a very satisfying procedure that can improve the appearance of the entire lower body.

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