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Heidi Montag: Sometimes you just have to say “No”

Much has been written recently about Heidi Montag and her “10 plastic surgery procedures in one day.”  I would like to give my thoughts about the many issues that pertain to this “story.” First, let me dispel the myth that ten plastic surgery procedures cannot be performed in one operation. While I will admit that…
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How To Choose Your Breast Implant Size

Selecting the size for your new breast implants can be a difficult task.  Many women allow this decision to “stress them out” because they fear making the wrong decision.  I will start out by saying that while the decision is important, it should not be a major source of anxiety.  Many women are too focused…
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Hot Trends in Plastic Surgery for 2010

As we enter a new year and a new decade, I thought it would be appropriate to give my predictions for “Hot Trends” in plastic surgery for 2010. Procedures like non-surgical fat and cellulite reduction will become even more popular, but there are some other, more “unusual” procedures that I predict will become more popular…
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Permanent Lip Implants – A new option for fuller lips

One of the most common procedures performed is lip augmentation. This is generally done through the injection of dermal fillers, such as Juvaderm, Restylane, and Perlane. These fillers provide natural appearing, full lips when performed correctly, but the results are temporary, requiring repeat injections two or three times per year. These treatments are not only…
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The Lobe Lift

We are all concerned (some same “obsessed”) with looking younger. This is part of the reason why plastic surgery continues to increase in popularity, despite any economic downturn. As a board certified plastic surgeon and Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at one of our nation’s top medical schools, I am experienced in every aspect of…
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