Permanent Lip Implants – A new option for fuller lips

One of the most common procedures performed is lip augmentation. This is generally done through the injection of dermal fillers, such as Juvaderm, Restylane, and Perlane. These fillers provide natural appearing, full lips when performed correctly, but the results are temporary, requiring repeat injections two or three times per year. These treatments are not only painful, but can be costly to maintain. At an average cost of $700 per treatment, maintaining the results can cost upwards of $7,500 over 5 years and a staggering $16,000 over 10 years!

There have been several attempts in the past to develop a permanent solution for those who want fuller lips. Silicone has been used because it is permanent, but the silicone move when used in the lips because of constant lip motion. Other materials that have been used include Gortex and Alloderm that is rolled like a cigarette and placed in the lips. The problem is that these materials can look unnatural and cause significant scarring on the inside of the lips making it very difficult to remove the materials in the event of a complication. Because of the well documented problems, physicians have virtually abandoned the use of permanent materials in the lips.

Now there seems to be another option. I have been using PermaLip, a permanent silicone implant for the lips. These implants are solid silicone rubber that is soft and flexible. They are manufactured with tapered ends, making them very natural appearing when placed in the lips. The soft nature of the implant allows them to move naturally with lip motion. Additionally, they do not elicit an inflammatory response, making it easy to remove if necessary. This makes the PermaLip a safe option for permanent lip augmentation. Unlike with injectable fillers, the results are consistent and not soley dependent on the skill of your injector.

The implants are placed in a short in-office procedure requiring only local anesthesia. These is some swelling and bruising after the procedure that may last for one week. However, with a cost of approximately $3000 for both upper and lower lip, this is a cost effective option for women who desire permanently fuller lips.

PermaLip is quickly becoming one of my most requested procedures. I fully expect the demand to continue to increase as people look for cost effective options for looking better.