Now Entering the Plastic Surgery “Busy Season”

Every profession has a “busy season”, and we are now entering the busiest time of year for cosmetic surgery. March-May is the time of year when people finally pull the trigger on the plastic surgery that they have been thinking about for years. There are several reasons for this:

  • People are beginning to plan for the summer: This is the time of year when summer vacation plans are made and people begin to dream about long days on the beach or by the pool. With warm weather comes bathing suits and more revealing clothes. This idea usually motivates people to improve their body. Gyms get busier, and so do plastic surgeon offices. Because it takes several months for the body to completely heal after any cosmetic procedure, I recommend that breast and body contouring be done during this time of year, to ensure the best possible results for the warm summer months.

  • Recovering from surgery in the cooler months is more comfortable: Routine post-operative care usually involves dressings, bandages, and tight compression garments worn under clothes. In cooler months, this is more comfortable. By the time the warm months come around, it will not be necessary to wear all these extra layers. While I do perform a lot of plastic surgery during warm months, my patients are aware that perspiration may cause some irritation to healing incisions.

  • A good time of year to dedicate to yourself: The hustle and bustle of the winter holiday season is now over, and people tend to have less social and family commitments this time of year. This makes it a perfect opportunity to dedicate some time to yourself and your recovery.

  • Anticipated Tax refunds: As we enter tax season, many people are anticipating a tax return. Even a small amount of tax refund may make a huge difference in paying for your plastic surgery. Also, there are many different finance options now available for plastic surgery, and your anticipated tax refund may make financing a good option. Many companies have 0% options for a variable amount of time. Many of my patients are signing up for 3-6 months 0% financing, knowing that the tax refund can be applied to partially or totally pay for the surgery.

  • Plastic Surgery Discounts: While many surgeons only try to improve business during slow times, many (like myself) see a great opportunity to increase business during this very busy season through special pricing. You will be surprised to find very good discounts for surgical procedures this time of year.

As we enter plastic surgery “busy season”, this may be a good time to look into making the improvements in your body that you have always thought about. The timing is right, contact New York City Plastic Surgeon Dr. Schulman for a consultation.

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