Plastic Surgery Abroad….Buyer Beware

Before I go any further, I would like to state that there are some excellent plastic surgeons not only in New York City and other states in the United States, but there are many in other countries as well. For example, South America has long been at the forefront of cosmetic surgery with many of the latest body contouring procedures originating in countries like Brazil

Ok, now we can continue…..
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Size DOES matter…in Plastic Surgery

Patients are demanding surgical procedures with smaller scars, faster recovery, and less pain. This has lead to the increased popularity of minimally-invasive procedures such as the “mini facelift”, “mini tummy tuck”, and “mini brachioplasty”. People even go so far as to request “scarless” surgery. It should be obvious to anyone reading this, that “scarless” surgery does not exist. As plastic surgeons, we try to make scars that are well hidden, but they are always present.

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Why your breasts change – observations from the beach

As I lounged on the beach this weekend (with my SPF 50), my eyes wandered to all the breasts around me. It’s ok, because as I tell my wife, it’s all “research” and I assured her it was for my latest blog entry. Breasts can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. But the point is that the breasts that I observed are likely not the same size and shape that they were five years earlier. Breasts are extremely susceptible to changes – they change with age, weight, pregnancy, and breast feeding. To understand why, we have to examine the physiology of the female breast.

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Not all Plastic Surgery is “Bad Plastic Surgery”

The popular magazines (insert your favorite “Weekly” here) are filled with pictures of celebrities and his or her “bad plastic surgery.” I am even guilty of offering my comments in several of these magazines about what specifically is wrong about the particular celebrity’s look. I have been quoted calling Madonna’s cheeks “bizarre”, Christina Aguilera’s breasts “too big for her body”, and Mickey Rourke’s face “overdone.” Read more