Airport Security and Your Breast Implants

If you traveled by airplane over the holidays you might have seen or experienced the latest security measures, x-ray scanners. The Transportation Security Administration has implemented a new advanced body imaging device that can basically see through clothing to detect any form of foreign object in or on the body.

This machine can detect any form of implant in the body, including surgical implants of the hip, wrist and even breast implants. Not to worry though, the security officer who is in front of you, watching over while you are examined will not see the x-ray image. The security officer who views the “x-ray” image of your body is in a remote location. The person examining your “x-ray” will be told when to initiate the process by the security officer in front of you over a hand-held transceiver. The security officer in a remote location will see an image on the screen which only shows outlines of the body and objects in and on the body. Additionally the image comes up fuzzy making facial features unrecognizable.

According to a poll done by CBS News 4 out of 5 Americans are all for the extra security measures and feel safer in the airport as well as in the air, but what percent of those people have undergone plastic surgery. Some people are stating that this is an invasion of privacy. People who want their plastic surgery kept secret feel this outs them. This is completely agreeable, but remember the person that is looking at your x-ray cannot recognize your face. They are looking for weapons and dangerous material that could endanger people’s lives. If they see something odd they will radio to the security officer in front of you and ask them to perform a pad down.

Some people choose to divulge their implant or implants before the scan while others will reveal it at the pat down, or not at all. Whether you inform TSA you have an implant or not, it will not keep you from boarding your flight.

To learn more about the advanced body image scanners, or breast implants contact Dr. Schulman's office for more details.

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