Fly in for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Program in NYC

My New York City practice has grown considerably over the past several years. While the majority of my patients originally came for New York and the outer boroughs, an increasing number of people are now coming from greater distances. At first I began to draw patients from the greater Tri-State area as patients came to New York City for the latest innovative procedures. Recently, my patients have been coming even greater distances. In fact, I now routinely see patients that come from as far away as California, Florida, Bermuda, and Europe.

As the national and international reputation of my Smooth Tuck™ procedure grows, more and more patients are traveling to me for this procedure of plastic surgery. In order to facilitate this, I now employ a travel concierge who specifically assists my out-of-town patients. The travel concierge can arrange a phone call and skype meeting with me, so that we can determine if you are a candidate for the procedure that interests you.

If plastic surgery is for you, then my travel concierge can help you take the next step in arranging your surgery. This includes helping with financing, flight arrangements, ground transportation, overnight accommodations, and making sure that all the necessary paperwork is completed and received.

Among the latest developments, I have partnered with several local apartments. This now allows us to offer apartments as an alternative to a hotel in New York City. Patients enjoy the privacy of an apartment and appreciate the comforts of their own kitchen. There are several locations to choose from, each conveniently located near to my office and surgical facility. Because many of my out-of-town patients stay 7-10 days, this is a more comfortable and cheaper alternative to a Manhattan hotel.

Most importantly, my travel concierge acts as the advocate and facilitator for my many out-of-town patients, helping them adjust to the hustle and flow of New York City. Yes, you are traveling in order to have cosmetic surgery, but that does not mean that you can’t have a pleasant and non-stressful stay in Manhattan.

With these services, there is no reason to let the miles stand between you and your surgery.

For more information regarding smooth tuck or our Fly in For Surgery Program, please feel free to contact my office.