Most Wanted Celebrity Body Parts

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, my job is to help my patients achieve a certain look they desire. I encourage my patients to be as specific as possible with me about the type of look that they are trying to achieve. It follows, therefore, that my patients often use celebrities as examples. No one says to me, “I want to look like X”. Rather, they say “I want lips like X, and breasts like Y.” Patients now dissect celebrities into specific body parts. It reminds of that scene from Weird Science where they input data into the computer and out pops a beautiful Kelly LeBrock. What are the most common celebrity body parts on people’s wish list?

• Lips - Angeline Jolie and Scarlett Johansson

Both actresses sport full lips. Scarlett seems to have upper and lower lips that are equally full, while Angelina has a more “pouty” look with a fuller lower lip as compared to the top. These looks can be achieved temporarily with injectable fillers such as Restylane or Juvaderm. For a permanent solution, I insert a soft solid silicone rubber implant.

• Nose – Jessica Alba and Nicole Kidman

These noses as slim, have thin skin, and have a well-defined nasal tip. Achieving this look may require a rhinoplasty that breaks bones to narrow the nose, and trimming of tip cartilage to give a non-bulbous tip.

• Breasts – Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston

Both women sport full breasts without any drooping. Most women seem to point to that mystical “Full C” as the desired cup size. In small breasted women, this would require breast implants and large breasted women will require a breast reduction. Women who have good volume, but whose breasts are now sagging, will require a breast lift.

• Buttocks – Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez

Big backsides are back! Remember those days when everyone wanted that small petite butt? Now women want volume to the backside. This can be achieved with fat transfer. What I do is meticulous liposuction from the areas around the buttock – the hips, thighs, and lower back. Then I process this fat, isolating the individual fat cells, and then inject this fat into the buttock. The result – a fuller, firmer, and lifted backside.

• Legs – Jennifer Aniston

Long, smooth, and defined. While most of this is genetic, meticulous liposuction can remove fat from the thighs and externally applied radiofrequency systems such as Reaction from Viora can tighten skin and reduce visible cellulite.

• Abs – Fergie and Gwen Stephanie

It is hard to not want a firm six pack abdomen. While diet and exercise are key, careful liposuction can remove extra abdominal fat and help bring the underlying muscles to the surface.

So, with the latest in surgical and non-surgical procedures, it may now be possible to get that celebrity body part. To learn about how to get something off your celebrity wish list and to schedule your appointment with New York City Plastic Surgeon Matthew Schulman, contact us at 212-289-1851.

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