What is “Bottoming Out” after breast augmentation?

It is common for your new breast implants to sit slightly high right after a breast augmentation. Over the next few months, the implants will drop into a normal position. Some refer to this process as “fluffing”. But what if your breast implants continue to drop, to an abnormal position? This is referred to as “bottoming out” and is a bad (but too common) complication of a breast augmentation.

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Plastic Surgery Myth or Fact? Liposuction makes you gain weight other places

This is one of the most common questions asked during consultations. There is the perception that if you get liposuction, it will make you gain weight other places. So, is this true or just another plastic surgery myth?

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Success of a Brazilian Butt Lift

The success of a Brazilian Butt Lift has to do with the fat harvesting, processing, and injection technique.

This popular term refers to buttock augmentation with autologous fat transfer. These medical terms may seem confusing, but this means that we make your butt bigger using injections of your own fat. Fat is removed from areas of your body, this fat is processed and washed so that the fat cells are isolated, and then these fat cells are injected into your buttock. In general, several hundred to 1000 cc of fat cells are injected during a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. So, how does making your butt bigger give you a “lift”? By adding volume to the butt, your backside becomes fuller, plumper, and actually gets lifted.

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The Hardest Body Part to Treat – Upper Arms

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specializing in body contouring, I have performed cosmetic surgery on every possible body part – and some you didn’t even know existed. By far, the hardest body part to treat is the upper arms. This area is particularly susceptible to changes in weight and advancing age. This is because the skin is very thin and can sag easily. The result can be unsightly sagging and drooping that can be mild or very severe. My patients refer to their large sagging upper arms as “bat wings”.

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