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What is the difference between a Low, Moderate, and High Profile breast implant?

There are 3 different “profiles” of breast implants. “Profile” refers to the dimension of an implant, and more specifically, the width and projection (how much the implant projects forward). As the size, or volume, of an implant increases, the implant will get wider and also have more projection. The specific type of profile will determine…
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Advantages of 3D-Imaging for Breast Augmentation

Recently I added a 3D imaging software to my breast augmentation practice. This imaging software enable me to convert 2D images of a woman’s breast and convert it into 3D images that I can rotate in any direction. Also, I can then demonstrate in real time the “after” results with specific implants. (more…)
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Your Breasts are Cousins, not Sisters

Breasts are like snowflakes – no two are alike. I have seen a lot of breasts in my lifetime, and I have yet to meet a woman who has a right breast that is identical to her left breast. Some degree of asymmetry is normal and expected. This may be a slight difference in the…
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