Advantages of 3D-Imaging for Breast Augmentation

Recently I added a 3D imaging software to my breast augmentation practice. This imaging software enable me to convert 2D images of a woman’s breast and convert it into 3D images that I can rotate in any direction. Also, I can then demonstrate in real time the “after” results with specific implants.

This has several advantages. First, it allows women to see the breast augmentation results before they even have surgery. This allows us both to be confident in choosing out implant size. The software is specifically programmed with all the dimensions of every possible breast implant, so that the computer generated “after” pictures are accurate. I can quickly show what a 300cc versus 400cc implant will look like. My particular system also allows me to place 3D virtual clothing on the image so that you can see your “after” in a dress, bikini, or t-shirt.

Also, the software can precisely measure the pre-operative volume of your breasts. This is important in helping my patients see pre-existing asymmetries. It then allows me to determine the appropriate volume of breast implants. If the software measures your right breast as 50cc smaller than the left, we will know to choose and implant for the right that is 50cc bigger than the implant for the left breast.

3D computer imaging is just another tool to help perform breast augmentation more consistently. My patients are more comfortable choosing implant sizes and there is no more second guessing after the surgery.

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