Who is with you during your consultation does affect your Breast Implant decision

In my New York City Plastic Surgery Office, many of my patients bring someone with them to their consultation. This support person may be a spouse, a parent, a friend or a co-worker. There is good reason to bring someone with you – they will help you remember what the doctor says and will also offer comfort during what can be an uncomfortable or embarrassing situation. But does the person who accompanies you really matter? When you are coming for breast implant augmentation, it definitely does! I find that breast implant size is directly influenced by the woman’s companion.

The mother tends to persuade a smaller sized breast implant. Perhaps this is the mother’s maternal instinct to “protect” and she feels that large breast implants will portray an image that is not “daughterly”. I have watched many battles occur in my office between mother and daughter about implant size.

On the contrary, the husband tends to recommend larger implants. This is probably due to man’s attraction to large breasts. Husbands can at times attempt to mold their wives into their ideal image, and if that husband is a “breast-man”, than he will suggest larger implants. It can be quite interesting when I see a woman alone in consultation and we select a small-moderate sized implant, but when she returns with her husband, she is suddenly trying on large sized implants.

Implant size is a matter of personal taste. You need to choose and implant size that you will be happy with. Of course, the person who helps you in the decision process may have a different opinion about which implant size is best, but you need to ultimately make your own decision.

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