What is the difference between a Low, Moderate, and High Profile breast implant?

There are 3 different “profiles” of breast implants. “Profile” refers to the dimension of an implant, and more specifically, the width and projection (how much the implant projects forward). As the size, or volume, of an implant increases, the implant will get wider and also have more projection. The specific type of profile will determine which dimension (width or projection) increases more.

Let’s look at some examples of implants. A 300cc Low Profile implant is wider and flatter than a 300cc High Profile implant which is narrower and projects more. A Moderate Profile 300cc implant has a width and projection that is in between the other two profiles.

So, what does this mean and how do you know which type of breast implant is best. In general, a person with a narrow torso may be better suited with a High Profile Implant. This is because the other profiles may be too wide for a narrow torso, resulting in implants that are too close in the center (“uni-boob”) or hanging off the side (“side-boob”). However, if a woman has a wide torso, than a wider implant is needed so that the implants help to fill out the chest. In this situation a Low or Moderate profile implant may be better. A High Profile implant will be likely leave too much space in between the breasts.

Your surgeon will play the key role in determining which breast implant profile is best for you. This is done by using specific measurements such as the width of your breast (base diameter), the size of your torso (band width), and the nipple-to-nipple distance. Your surgeon must also factor in your specific desires about implant volume and the desires “look” of your augmentation.

The bottom line is that you should not stress about which implant profile is best. This is a job left to your surgeon. I tell my patients that they should only focus on the volume they desire and then I will recommend a profile type based on multiple factors that were discussed above.

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