Need a Job? Maybe cosmetic surgery is exactly what you need

Cosmetic Surgery is designed to either change a body feature that you do not like, or to make you look younger. In today’s economic climate, cosmetic surgery is more than just a matter of vanity. It can mean economic survival for many because it may be exactly what some people need to get that job – or keep the job they already have.

Whether we choose to admit it or not, looks do matter. Many studies demonstrate that beautiful women and handsome men have a social advantage. It is what is called a “halo effect”. Strangers view attractive people in a more positive way than they view his or her unattractive counterpart – attractive people seem to have a “halo”. This has been observed in schools, in interactions with law-enforcement, on the street among strangers, and in the workplace.

You may be reading this and would insist that you treat everyone the same, irrespective of their appearance. But do you really? When you see a thin, attractive female next to an overweight, disheveled female, what are your assumptions about their work ethic? Who would you hire to work at your business? Who do you think portrays the image that you think your company best represents?

While we would like to believe that there is not a bias against unattractive people, multiple studies have demonstrated that there is, even if it seems to go against our own personal beliefs. Therefore, we must recognize that people do think this way, and we need to understand how looks can affect our position in the job market and our own “marketability”.

Looking youthful, refreshed, and “put together” may be one of your best tools to get that job or that promotion. While it won’t be found on your resume, employers and hiring managers find it crucial. They see a person who takes pride in their own appearance as someone who will take the same pride in representing their company. There is not an official category for appearance when evaluating a job applicant, but it definitely comes into play. Anyone who says differently either hasn’t hired or been hired recently, or is just naïve.

This may explain why there has been an increase in cosmetic procedures over the past years, despite the fact that more people are out of work and almost everyone is watching their spending and eliminating non-essential expenditures. It also helps explain why the largest growing group of people undergoing cosmetic surgery is men. Men have traditionally been immune to this appearance bias – hasn’t it been said that an aging man is not older, he is more “distinguished”? Aging men are now competing with younger men in the workplace. All of a sudden, those bags under the eyes or the lines on the forehead are seen as signs of weakness.

Cosmetic procedues can help someone look more youthful, more rested, and more attractive. While it is not “politically correct” to say, this may make them more competitive in a very tight job market. A variety of procedures are available, from non-surgical treatments for the skin such as lasers, Botox, and fillers to surgical procedures for the face such as eyelid surgery, facelifts, and necklifts.

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