2012: Kate Moss is out, Kim Kardashian is in

Kim-Vs-KateIn the 1990s, Kate Moss was one of the most popular models, gracing runways and magazines across the world. Her waifish figure made her a highly desirable, and controversial model. These were the years of Nirvana and “heroine chic.” Plastic Surgeons’ offices were filled with thin women who wanted to be even thinner. In particular, they requested liposuction of the buttocks to give a small, flat backside.

In 2012, things are much different. Curves are in. Women come to my office armed with photos of Kim Kardashian, Coco, and Pippa Middleton. They want a larger backside and there are constantly reports in the media about injuries and death as the result of substances injected into the buttocks – usually industrial silicone and caulking, injected by fake doctors in a hotel room near an airport.

This desire for a fuller, rounder backside has made Brazilian Butt Lift one of my most requested procedures. This involves removing fat from where you don’t want it (usually the hips, lower back, and flanks) and after careful processing of the fat cells, reinjection into the buttock. This provides a safe and permanent buttock augmentation. Click Here to learn more.These are your own fat cells and will not be “rejected” or get infected which is common with buttock implants (even if done by one of the best plastic surgeons). The transplanted fat will feel soft and natural. The ultimate result will be a rounder, fuller, and a more shapely buttock.

Based on the incredible amount of requests for this procedure , 2012 will certainly turn out to be the year of the full buttock. Much like in fashion and art, there are trends within the field of plastic surgery too.

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