Are Chemical Peels Right for your Skin

New-York-City The most common question I hear about chemical peel treatments is “Am I going to look like Samantha from that episode in Sex and the City?” The answer is always no! There is a chemical peel for any and every skin type, and most peels have little to no downtime.

Chemical peels have come a long way, and most of the time can be less aggressive and more effective than other facial treatments. There are several options for even the most sensitive skin types. The peels that I perform at Dr. Schulman’s office are multifunctional peels and are formulated to target several skin conditions at once.

An example is our Brightening Peel. This particular peel can be used on the darkest skin and the most sensitive skin. It includes lactic acid to target discoloration and suppress pigment, TCA acid to combat fine lines and wrinkles, azelaic acid and kojic acid to kill bacteria in breakouts, clear congestion and tighten pores, and arbutin to brighten uneven skin tone.

One important thing to know about getting the best result from chemical peels is to avoid excessive inflammation. Patients always tend to think “the more it hurts, the more it’s working so bring it on!” This is not the case at all; the peels at Dr. Schulman’s office cause just enough inflammation to make a positive reaction in the skin, but not enough to wound and have to repair later.

Come in for a free skin analysis to see how Dr. Schulman’s chemical peel treatments can benefit you! Contact us for more information on our skin analysis or to schedule a consultation.