Buttock lift and Enhancement in New York City

Just like any other part of your body, your backside can be changed through cosmetic surgery. Whether you want it lifted, rounded, fuller, or just plain bigger, New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman can help. Using a combination of meticulous liposuction and re-injection of the fat, Dr. Schulman can give you the buttock you desire.

The first step is to remove unwanted fat. This is your opportunity to make that belly flatter, remove those love handles, muffin top, and saddle bags. This is done with very careful liposuction using a modified technique designed to preserve the fat cells for re-injection. The fat that is removed is carefully washed and filtered. Antibiotics are added and the fat cells are reinjected into the area you need it – your buttocks.

Dr. Schulman injects the fat into multiple layers of your buttock. By placing small droplets of fat into the gluteus muscles and the existing fat of your buttocks, he can create a natural, fuller buttock. The increased volume will also help to lift the buttock, so it is so much more than just making your butt bigger. This is all done through tiny incisions that are placed in discrete and hidden areas.

After this fat transfer, the fat cells become living cells in your backside and will last forever. The fat cells are your own cells and not foreign material. The risks are significantly lower than placing dangerous injections and implants that can become infected, move into improper location, and require re-operation.

So, whether you want to add volume and shape to a flat backside, or you just need a little lift after weightloss or aging, Dr. Schulman’s buttock contouring using your own fat may be exactly what you need. To learn more about buttock contouring in New York City, call 212-289-1851 or contact us by email.