Five Cosmetic Surgery Procedures to Get You “Bikini-Ready”

cosmetic surgery to get bikini ready new york cityThe temperature is rising and summer is approaching. Everybody’s mind is on the beach, fun, and sun. The problem is that you may not be “bikini-ready”. Here are five of the latest procedures from top New York City Plastic Surgeon, Matthew Schulman M.D., to help get you that perfect bikini body.

1. Botox-Assisted Breast Augmentation – Dr. Schulman has created a rapid recovery breast augmentation procedure using Botox. To eliminate those months of “high and unnatural” implants that results from traditional breast augmentation, Dr. Schulman carefully injects Botox into the chest muscle at the time of the augmentation. This allows the implants to drop into a natural position in a matter of weeks instead of months. There is also significantly less pain during the healing process. His technique is revolutionizing cosmetic breast surgery.

2. Cosmetic belly button surgery – Now you can change your belly button. Maybe you have an “outie” and want an” innie”, or maybe you want to remove that belly piercing hole that doesn’t look so cool anymore. Using only local anesthesia, Dr. Schulman can improve the appearance of your belly button in about 45 minutes. You can resume normal activities immediately and will be looking great in that two-piece in only a few days.

3. Abdominal Etching Liposuction – This is meticulous liposuction that will create a ripped six-pack. This is done using very small liposuction cannulas in order to remove fat in just the right places. It is done through a small needle-hole in the belly button so there is no visible scarring.

4. Mons Reduction – the mons is the upper pubic area and let’s face it, sometimes there is a bulge that we just can’t get rid of through diet and exercise. Dr. Schulman can remove this fat through liposuction. In extreme cases, a large and sagging mons can be reduced and lifted through a c-section incision.

5. Brazilian Butt Lift – Want a fuller, rounder butt to fill out that bathing suit? Now you can have fat removed from wherever you want, and then have it re-injected into your backside. This will give you a rounder, fuller, and more lifted backside. Because this is done with your own fat, the results are natural looking and feeling, and will last forever. A Brazilian butt lift is a safe alternative to dangerous buttock implants that can become infected or shift into an abnormal position.

To learn more about these procedures, or to schedule your free consultation before bikini-season, call 212-289-1851 today!