Too Hot To Hide Your Aging Neck or Double Chin

NYC Plastic Surgeon Introduces Laser Neck Lift with Immediate Results and No Scarring

Laser Neck Lift(New York, NY) Having an aging neck, oftentimes referred to as “turkey neck,” or even a fleshy double chin can make people feel very self-conscious.  As summer is creeping up upon us, it’s inevitably time to put away the turtleneck sweaters and scarves which so many use as a crutch to hide an unsightly neck.  Until now, a neck lift was quite an invasive surgery involving the removal of excess skin and altering neck muscles. It also resulted in long “tell-tale” scars around the ears.  Now with the introduction of Dr.  Schulman’s Laser Neck Lift, necks can be lifted, tightened and smoothed with a minimally invasive procedure that elicits immediate results, minimal downtime, and no scarring.

Matthew R. Schulman, M.D. board certified plastic surgeon and Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine has introduced his Laser Neck Lift utilizing a unique combination of internal and external lasers. The procedure sculpts and tones the neck and remodels and tightens the jawline. Under local anesthesia, an ultra-thin laser is inserted into a small puncture in the crease beneath the chin. The laser heats up the underside of the skin to melt fat, stimulate collagen formation and tighten the skin. “Everything is done internally,” says Schulman. “There is no visible scarring as seen with the skin removal of a traditional neck lift.”

Laser Neck Lift New York CityThree weeks later, he begins external laser therapy with the non-invasive REACTION from VIORA. This medical technology utilizes Radio Frequency (RF) energy to stimulate skin retraction and Dr. Schulman’s protocol calls for three in-office and painless treatment sessions. “REACTION’S RF energy is also used to stimulate existing collagen and elastin fibers, enhance collagen production and improve the skin’s elasticity over time,” says Schulman. “From the very first treatment, collagen fibers are contracted, giving an immediate firmed and tightened appearance. It is the perfect complement to the internal laser for tightening the sensitive areas of the neck and décolleté.”

The Laser Neck Lift has successfully given tight and contoured necks in both men and women who thought that a traditional neck lift was the only option. Now you can get the results of a traditional neck lift, with no visible scarring, no need for general anesthesia, and a rapid recovery.

So with the warm weather coming our way, now is the perfect time to “perfect” your neck and show it off in a cute tank top this summer. To learn more about Laser Neck Lift, contact our practice to schedule your FREE Consultation with New York City’s Top Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Matthew Schulman. Call 212-289-1851 today!