Kristen Stewart’s New Breasts – Padded Bra or Implant?

Recent photographs of Twilight Star Kristen Stewart show her with a significantly larger chest. The actress has always been known for her petite figure, including her small breasts. Her new appearance has sparked rumors about possible breast implants. The classic question arises: Is it the result of breast implants or a padded bra?

I was given several photos by a weekly magazine to examine. These showed Kristen in several different outfits and from varying angles. There were a few things that I noted. Clearly, her chest is larger. While I know that there are many padded bras that can increase bust size 1-2 cups sizes, I don’t think this explains her increased chest size. A padded push-up bra would make her breasts larger and lifted. In the photos, her newer breasts have a natural “droop” to them, making a heavily padded bra unlikely to be responsible. The bra she is wearing in the photos is not very supportive and probably not padded.

I have concluded that small breast implants are the most likely explanation for her sudden growth. Another Plastic Surgeon has agreed with me. She likely has small implants placed that increased her from a full A cup to a mid B cup. These small implants look very natural….which explains why there are many people who disagree with my assessment. The comment section of the online articles about this topic are filled with people who claim that I must not know what I am talking about and that it is obviously a padded bra. Well, I have experience with thousands of breast implants as my defense!

This just illustrates that breast augmentation does not have to give you a large, fake appearance. If the right size implant is selected, breast augmentation can still give you a natural result. Many of my patients desire this specific result. They ask for natural implants so that no one knows that they had surgery.

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