The Newest Tummy Tuck Alternative – “Smooth Tuck®”

A traditional tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a great operation for the right person. It removes excess skin of the lower abdomen, tightens abdominal muscles that become stretched with pregnancies, and relocates the belly button to a more youthful location. The end result can be a flat and tight abdomen.

While the results can be excellent, there is considerable recovery that is needed after a tummy tuck. There is typically significant pain for 7-14 days, and physical activity will be limited for up to 8 weeks as the internal stitches in the muscle heal. This can be too long of a recovery for many.

I see countless young mothers in my practice that are trying to get back the belly of their youth. Unfortunately, the recovery of a tummy tuck is just too hard and too long. Imagine not being able to drive your child to school and activities for up to 2 weeks, or not being able to lift your 2 year old for 6 weeks. These concerns are one of the reasons why I created a new tummy tuck alternative, the Smooth Tuck®.

Smooth Tuck® is an alternative to the traditional tummy tuck, featuring a more rapid recovery and faster return to work, family, and physical activities. Because there is no muscle tightening, my patients have ½ as much pain and require ½ as much healing time. The majority of my patients are back to work in 7-10 days and unrestricted exercise in 3 weeks!

You might wonder what the cosmetic result of the procedure is, compared to a tummy tuck, if there is no muscle repair. Instead of the muscle repair, I do aggressive liposuction using a variety of methods (including Laser Liposuction). This gives improved contour to the entire abdomen, flanks, and bra rolls. In most cases the cosmetic results are equal to a tummy tuck, and in many other cases, the results are even better using my Smooth Tuck® technique.

Who is a candidate for this procedure? There are several main candidates:

  1. Women who would do great with a tummy tuck but want a faster recovery with a more rapid return to work, family, and physical activity.
  2. Men who have some excess skin of the abdomen from weight loss or aging
  3. Women or Men who are overweight and considered to be “no ideal” candidates for a traditional tummy tuck.

This procedure has been such a breakthrough, that is has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, WPIX, Dr. Steve Show, The Doctors, and multiple magazines and internet articles.

Smooth Tuck® is my own personal procedure, created from my long experience with body contouring. Unfortunately, I have not yet taught other doctors how to do it. This is because this is such a great procedure that I am still weary about putting its reputation into other doctors’ hands. But you don’t have to live in New York to have the procedure. My office is experienced with out-of-town patients. In fact, over 35% of my Smooth Tuck® procedures are performed on men and women from outside New York State. I have performed this procedure on people from 4 continents, 15 countries, and 21 states! A 10 day stay in New York City is required after the surgery and my office will assist you in hotel accommodations, nursing care, and travel arrangements.