Want to change your belly button? Cosmetic belly button surgery is now possible in New York City

If you don’t like your belly button, you can change it. I routinely perform cosmetic belly button surgery in my New York City office. In fact, this has become one of my popular procedures with patients coming to me from all over the world. I perform about 5 belly button surgeries, or umbilicoplasty, per week. This means that I do more of these surgeries per month, than most board certified plastic surgeons do in their entire careers!

There are a variety of changes that I can make to your belly button. I can convert your “outie” to an “innie”. I can eliminate that old belly button piercing that now looks out of place. I can remove a large hood at the top of your belly button. I can make a very small belly button appear larger. I can remove some of the line and wrinkles around the belly button.

Maybe you were born with a belly button that you don’t like, or maybe you had a previous surgery on your belly button that made things worse. Many of my patients have had prior umbilical hernia repairs, tummy tucks, or attempts at umbilicoplasty by other less qualified doctors.

The procedure is done in the comfort of my own office using only local anesthesia. Most cases take only about 45 minutes and you can go about your usual business immediately.

My cosmetic belly button technique has been featured on The Doctors, Good Morning America, and in The New York Post.

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