Did Taylor Swift get Breast Implants?

Pictures have recently emerged showing popular singer Taylor Swift looking more “endowed”. The singer is known for her long, thin body and her bustier appearance is spurring rumors that she has been surgically enhanced with breast implants.

While I have many celebrity clients (which I will never name), Taylor is not one of them, so I can only comment on the Taylor Swift Breast Implants photographs that have appeared on popular websites like Hollywoodlife.com.

There is no doubt that her breasts are larger, fuller, and plumper. This can be the type of change that you would expect with a moderate size breast implant. A moderate breast implant will increase the size, fullness, and cleavage. It is very possible that this is explanation for her new appearance. However, in fairness, there are many well known bras that can give a similar appearance. These bras have high-tech internal support that pushes the breasts up, and some have added thick padding, gel, or even water to increase the size.

I cannot say for sure whether Taylor’s bustier appearance is the result in implants or a really good bra. If it is the result of breast implants, this uncertainty is perhaps the ultimate compliment to the surgeon and demonstrates that breast implants can be done tastefully and naturally. If it is from a bra, then kudos to the manufacturer.

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