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Tummy Tuck after Pregnancy

Tori Spelling recently gave birth to her fourth child and unfortunately was re-hospitalized shortly after for complications resulting from her c-section. Rumors began flying that the real reason for her hospitalization was to have a “secret tummy tuck” according to a “friend” and reported by multiple online sites. Tori and her reps deny this story…
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Has Nicki Minaj Augmented her Behind?

There are many celebs who are known for their round and fuller backsides – Jlo, Coco, and Kim Kardashian. But one celeb is starting to lead the pack in terms of her backside endowment – Nicki Minaj. The question has been around for years, “has Nicki had surgical enhancement of her buttock?” Check out these…
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Introducing “SCOOP Lift”, the latest in Brazilian Buttock Lifting

Dr. Schulman is proud to announce the introduction of his new technique for Buttock Contouring, the “SCOOP Lift”. Most people have heard about the “Brazilian Butt Lift.” This is a very popular procedure that removes fat from your body and then re-injects that fat into your buttocks. The goal is to make a larger backside.…
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