Has Nicki Minaj Augmented her Behind?

There are many celebs who are known for their round and fuller backsides – Jlo, Coco, and Kim Kardashian. But one celeb is starting to lead the pack in terms of her backside endowment – Nicki Minaj. The question has been around for years, “has Nicki had surgical enhancement of her buttock?” Check out these pictures of her backside and judge for yourself. Pictures of Niki Manaj Backside

While I have not treated Nicki, I am confident in saying that her current backside is not the same one she was genetically destined to have. What I cannot say, though, is exactly what she has had done. There are several methods used for buttock enhancement and include silicone implants, fat injections, and injection of artificial material. The technique choice varies among countries and surgeries. Fat transfer (or fat injections) remains the most common method for buttock enhancement in the United States, and buttock implants are a distant second. No board certified Plastic Surgeon in this country injects artificial materials into the buttock because of serious safety concerns and lack of FDA-approval.

Fat transfer is my preferred method and I perform several per week. This technique allows me to take fat from somewhere you don’t want it, and put it where you do – in this case, in your buttock. Fat can also be placed in the outer hips as well. This gives my patients a very natural and permanent augmentation. The newly augmented buttock is soft and feels like a natural buttock. Buttock implants may feel very firm and also can shift position or become infected.

Regarding Nicki specifically, my guess would be that she had had buttock implants. It would take a very large amount of fat to give her the large backside that she has. She is a relatively thin woman and I doubt that she had enough “donor” fat to get that large. Her large augmentation is probably the results of buttock implants, possibly combined with fat injections.

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