Introducing “SCOOP Lift”, the latest in Brazilian Buttock Lifting

Dr. Schulman is proud to announce the introduction of his new technique for Buttock Contouring, the “SCOOP Lift”. Most people have heard about the “Brazilian Butt Lift.” This is a very popular procedure that removes fat from your body and then re-injects that fat into your buttocks. The goal is to make a larger backside. While increasingly popular, the traditional Brazilian Butt Lift has many deficiencies: The fat doesn’t always last, the buttock may be larger but it oftentimes lacks an appealing shape, and it is not possible in men or women with lack of donor fat.

Dr. Schulman has drawn on his years of experience in body contouring and liposuction, to create a procedure that gives predictable and long-lasting results that are more cosmetically pleasing than the traditional Brazilian Butt Lift. “SCOOP Lift” combines meticulous fat removal from very specific anatomic locations and combines it with careful placement of this fat into the buttocks. By removing the fat with the eye of an artist, Dr. Schulman carves, molds, and sculpts the buttock, even before he puts any fat in it. After the fat is placed, the results are even more profound, even in people with minimal donor fat.

Results of the “SCOOP Lift” can be dramatic. He can create a larger and more lifted buttock, as well as a narrow waist with lots of curves. The traditional Brazilian Butt Lift often just leaves you with a larger backside but without the desired shape. Dr. Schulman’s technique also gives you his signature lower back “scoop”, or that sexy curve to your lower back.

Find out more about this latest technique for buttock contouring and why the media, celebrities, and people from all over the country are falling in love with “SCOOP Lift”. Call 212-289-1851 to set up your consultation with Dr. Schulman.