Choosing a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeon

Brazilian Buttock Lifting involves the reshaping of your backside using your own fat. Fat is removed from places you don’t want it, and placed in places that you do want it, such as your buttock and hips. Brazilian Buttock Lifting is a very specialized area of plastic surgery and you must be very selective in the surgeon you choose. Click Here to learn more. Read more

Breast Enlargement – How to choose the size of your implant

Even harder than deciding to undergo breast enlargement with implants, is deciding what size implant to choose. The implants can range in size from very small to very large. Choosing the actual implant size can be an incredible source of stress for the patient, her family, and the surgeon.

There are several ways to choose a size – from photos of other patients, from computer imaging, and by trying on some implants. I feel that the best way to successfully choose an implant size is to try on the implants. I have all my patients come to the office a few weeks before surgery and bring the following items with them – a friend/family member/spouse, a bathing suit top, a tank top, a blouse, and a t-shirt. Read more

What happens if my breast implants are too big?

Many women that undergo breast enlargement surgery with implants want to be very large. It is the responsibility of the surgeon to guide them and let them know if the implant size they are selecting to too big for them. What can happen if the implant is too large?

An implant that is too large can cause many problems. These problems may occur soon after surgery or may occur many years later. The incidence of infection, capsular contracture, and implant malposition increases as the size of the implant increases. Read more