Breast Enlargement – How to choose the size of your implant

Even harder than deciding to undergo breast enlargement with implants, is deciding what size implant to choose. The implants can range in size from very small to very large. Choosing the actual implant size can be an incredible source of stress for the patient, her family, and the surgeon.

There are several ways to choose a size – from photos of other patients, from computer imaging, and by trying on some implants. I feel that the best way to successfully choose an implant size is to try on the implants. I have all my patients come to the office a few weeks before surgery and bring the following items with them – a friend/family member/spouse, a bathing suit top, a tank top, a blouse, and a t-shirt. They come on a non-patient day so that they can spend as much time as they like in the office. They are encouraged to try on several different size implants in all the outfits. The person that they bring will help them by giving their opinion. They can also take photos so that they can review these photos with other people.

I advise my patients to find the implant size that they like. I then will order implants that are about 10% larger than the ones that they chose. This increase in volume accounts for the fact that the implants tend to look a tiny bit smaller when they are inserted inside the breast, as opposed to just being placed over top of the skin.

Using this method, my reoperation rate for a size issue is almost non-existent. My patients are happy, and that makes me happy. This can be a very time-consuming process, so not every surgeon will be willing to spend this much time with a patient. If your surgeon rushes you through the sizing process, than maybe that should be your first warning that they are not for you.

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