What happens if my breast implants are too big?

Many women that undergo breast enlargement surgery with implants want to be very large. It is the responsibility of the surgeon to guide them and let them know if the implant size they are selecting to too big for them. What can happen if the implant is too large?

An implant that is too large can cause many problems. These problems may occur soon after surgery or may occur many years later. The incidence of infection, capsular contracture, and implant malposition increases as the size of the implant increases. This is because of the weight of the large implant as well as the surgery required to put such a large implant inside. Also, implants that are too large for your body will hang off the sides giving “side boob”, and may touch in the center giving “uni-boob”. Both of these problems are cosmetically unattractive and sometimes difficult to correct. The weight of a large implant can also cause back pain, neck pain, and more drooping of the breast. This discomfort can be so bad that many women with large implants request that they be removed. Lastly, the internal pressure on the ribcage form a large implant can actually cause the ribcage to become indented. This takes many years to develop but can often be seen during later surgeries. Again, this is impossible to correct and often difficult to hide.

The key is to select implants that are large enough to make you happy, but not too large to cause problems that can be permanent and impossible to correct. Remember, removing very large implants usually involves replacing them with smaller implants and also doing a breast lift because the skin has been stretched out form the large implants. If you select very large implants, and your surgeon fails to warn you about these dangers, than perhaps you should get a second opinion.

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