Top 3 Most Requested Celebrity Breasts

As a specialist in breast augmentation, I see over a dozen women per week requesting breast augmentation. Some want that very natural girl-next-door look, while others want that voluptuous curvy figure. No matter what they want, women undoubtedly will bring a photo with them to show me what they want – and what they don’t want. These photos are usually celebrity photos ripped from the pages of the most popular weekly magazines like US Weekly, In Touch, and Life & Style. So, who do the most requested breasts belong to? Take a look at my top 3 most requested celebrity breasts:

3. Jennifer Aniston – Jennifer has long been known for her full chest that seems to never age, even though she does. Women desire her girl-next-door look. She has a full C chest that is has a slight sag and is very natural-looking, despite the fact that she has likely had some enhancement. Getting this look will require a moderate size silicone implant.

2. Meghan Fox – Meghan has a smaller chest that fits her athletic body. Getting this sexy look will require a small to moderate size implant. This full B cup looks best on slim and fit women. This type of appearance is slightly less natural, as even a small implant can appear visible in a thin woman. Silicone implants will help to avoid that very unnatural round appearance.

3. Halle Berry – Halle just never seems to age…in fact, her body keeps looking younger and younger. Like Jennifer, Halle’s chest is full. She has excellent cleavage, as she shows on every red carpet, giving her a very unique chest that in the envy of every guy – and girl. This is my number one requested breast for several years running and requires a moderate size implant to get that full C chest. A silicone implant with a wider diameter will create this full cleavage look.

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