Traveling from out of town for your surgery?

Everybody understands the importance of selecting a qualified surgeon for your cosmetic procedures. Sometimes the best person for you is many miles away. About 20% of my patients live more than 3 hours from New York City. In fact, my patients have come from as far away as Texas, Alaska, France, England, Dubai, Thailand, Ireland, and Bermuda. Our office is very experienced with out-of-town patients. They can set up online and virtual consultations for those who are too far away to come for an in-person consultation.

The required time to stay in NYC will vary depending on the specific procedure that you will be having, but most patients stay in the area for 5-10 days. We can also provide information about discounted hotel accommodations. We even have nearby apartments that are available for your stay in NYC as you recover from your surgery.

Don’t let the distance prevent you from having the surgery you want. Don’t settle for your second choice just because they are “local”. To learn more about traveling for your surgery, contact our office.