Why Women and their men love Big Booties

Every day I am amazed at how many women I see in my office requesting buttock augmentations. For the past 2 years, this has been increasing in popularity and I now perform 6-8 buttock augmentations per week. While plastic surgeons do not disclose their surgical numbers to other plastic surgeons, the anesthesiologists who I work with and are in “the know”, maintain that I perform more buttock augmentation procedures than any other Plastic Surgeons in New York City. I have embraced the title bestowed upon me by my patients and the media – “Brazilian Butt Lift King of New York”. The only thing I would argue is that this title should extend beyond the confines of New York. My patients come from as far away as London, Bermuda, Dubai, Nigeria, and about a dozen other US states including California and Alaska! My northeast patients are now realizing that they don’t need to travel to Miami to get a big, round butt. Read more