Why Women and their men love Big Booties

Every day I am amazed at how many women I see in my office requesting buttock augmentations. For the past 2 years, this has been increasing in popularity and I now perform 6-8 buttock augmentations per week. While plastic surgeons do not disclose their surgical numbers to other plastic surgeons, the anesthesiologists who I work with and are in “the know”, maintain that I perform more buttock augmentation procedures than any other Plastic Surgeons in New York City. I have embraced the title bestowed upon me by my patients and the media – “Brazilian Butt Lift King of New York”. The only thing I would argue is that this title should extend beyond the confines of New York. My patients come from as far away as London, Bermuda, Dubai, Nigeria, and about a dozen other US states including California and Alaska! My northeast patients are now realizing that they don’t need to travel to Miami to get a big, round butt.

I use a variation of the popular Brazilian Butt Lift procedure that uses your body’s fat to increase the size of your butt. My procedure, “SCOOP Lift”, focuses on improving the size of your backside as well as improving your body’s overall shape by giving you a small waist, sexy lower back curve, and round butt and hips. I take fat from the places that you don’t want it, and put it in the places that you do. It is that simple. You essentially get two procedures in one – great liposuction, and a buttock augmentation. Because I use your own fat, the results are natural, permanent, and there is no fear of rejection or other reaction that you can see after implants or injection of dangerous silicone.

Some women want only an improvement in shape, while others want to be BIG. I also have male patients who want to take advantage of this exciting body contouring procedure. Take a look at this list of “Top 10 Celebrities with Big Butts” and you will get an idea of that my patients are asking for. I encourage my patients to bring in a celebrity photo so that I can get an idea of the look they want. I will use a much different approach for the woman who brings in a picture of JLO, than I would for my patient that shows mw a photos of Jessica Biel.

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