Do You Suffer From “BOOT-BULGE”?

Boot Bulge New York CityAs temperatures cool and you slip into your Fall boots, do they feel a little snug? Are you having difficulty zipping up those knee-high or thigh-high boots? If you answered “yes”, then you may be suffering from “Boot-Bulge” and we have your solution – “Boot-Bulge” liposuction. Careful liposuction can be performed on the lower leg and calf area. This can reduce the overall size of your calves and improve the shape of the entire lower leg. Dr. Schulman is an innovator in the field of “boot-bulge” liposuction, having been featured on The Doctors TV, ABC News, CBS, and countless internet sites for this procedure.

The procedure involves careful liposuction of the lower leg through very small and hidden incisions. Improvement can be seen within a few weeks and full improvement can be seen after a few months as the swelling decreases. This procedure can be done alone, or in combination with other areas of liposuction. This procedure is increasingly popular as fashion styles change and boots get slimmer and taller.

Boot Bulge NYCWhile one benefit of this procedure is better fitting boots, the goal should be improved overall shape and appearance, and not necessarily just better fitting footwear. Dr. Schulman cautions that any procedure, no matter how minor it appears, can have potential risk. Calf liposuction is a very specialized procedure that most plastic surgeons do not perform, so make sure that you select a surgeon like Dr. Schulman who is experienced with this procedure.

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