Monthly Archives: December 2014

We Like Big Butts: Science Explains Why

Last month, Kim Kardashian's naked Paper magazine spread garnered some serious attention. Just what it is about the combination of a tiny waist and a large, round bottom that men find so attractive? Well, it's instinct based on genetics and survival, of course.   Evolutionary scientists explain it as "the perfect waist-hip ratio." Women with…
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Kim Kardashian’s Naked Photos Prove Booties Are Back, Big Time

Booties are back, big time! Although Kim Kardashian's naked Paper magazine spread didn't "break the Internet" as the publication predicted, there was some major hubbub over her full-frontal nudity photo -- and another in which she shows off her voluptuous derriere. Kardashian's pictures are the latest proof that our culture has become obsessed with ample…
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