Kim Kardashian’s Naked Photos Prove Booties Are Back, Big Time

Booties are back, big time!

Although Kim Kardashian's naked Paper magazine spread didn't "break the Internet" as the publication predicted, there was some major hubbub over her full-frontal nudity photo -- and another in which she shows off her voluptuous derriere.

Kardashian's pictures are the latest proof that our culture has become obsessed with ample bottoms -- following Nicki Minaj's record-breaking "Anaconda" video and the release of Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea's music video for "Booty," in which they rub their curvy leotard-clad buns together.

Widely recognized as an expert on Brazilian butt lift surgery, New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman told the New York Daily News:
"Kim's butt is one of the most requested. People want her large butt and round hips." He said patients want to look like Minaj, Lopez and Kardashian's sister Khloe.

The question on everyone's mind seemed to be: Is the backside Kim Kardashian so brazenly displayed in Paper natural? Curves like that "almost never occur naturally," Dr. Schulman said. "In my experience, from seeing thousands of women, a large round behind is almost never attached to a tiny waist," he said. "Over the years, Kim's butt had gotten bigger while her waist has gotten smaller."

Schulman also opined that computer tricks might have been used, sharing on his Twitter page: "Not sure what screams #photoshop more, the 12-inch waist, or the solid color background?"

Buttock augmentation was the fastest-growing plastic surgery in 2013, increasing by 58 percent over the course of the year, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

The Brazilian butt lift uses your body's own fat to lift, augment and contour your backside. Dr. Schulman has refined the traditional Brazilian butt lift to create his exclusive SCOOP Lift buttock contouring procedure.

As Dr. Schulman told the New York Post, he performs six to eight Brazilian butt lifts a week, up about 25 percent from a year ago.
"Five years ago, I never made a butt bigger," he said. "Everyone wanted their butt smaller."

View Brazilian butt lift before-and-after photos of some of Dr. Schulman's satisfied clients.

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