What’s Coming Up in Plastic Surgery for 2015? [Part 2]

Looking ahead to the new year, cosmetic procedures are expected to continue growing in popularity. Continuing the list we started in our previous blog post, here’s what the world of plastic surgery may see in 2015:

The Eyes Have It

The eyes are the major focal point of the face and a popular area for rejuvenation. Major advances in eye lift surgery (blepharoplasty) have made it easier than ever to improve the delicate eyelid area.

A variety of non-surgical treatments are also available for the eyes, for those who would rather not have surgery.

Keeping the Fat

Refinements in harvesting techniques will continue to fuel the boost in fat grafting. Surgeons like it as a facial filler because it lasts longer and looks more natural.

Dr. Matthew Schulman attracts patients from around the world with this exclusive SCOOP Lift buttock contouring procedure — his take on the popular Brazilian butt lift, which uses your body’s own fat to enhance your backside.

Breast augmentation can also be performed using a patient’s body fat. Using your own fat is safer, looks more natural and lasts longer than artificial implants.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

More patients are requesting minor procedures that can give them a major boost in their confidence — little tweaks such as ear reshaping surgery (otoplasty), injectable fillers, the removal of moles or birthmarks, and upper-lip lifts.

So, What’s Next?
Exciting new medical advancements are always being developed, especially in the field of plastic surgery. Next on the horizon, surgeons are hoping the FDA will soon approve fat-melting facial injections that can help reduce the appearance of double chins. A new topical form of Botox is also waiting for FDA approval.

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