Butt Lift Consultation With Dr. Schulman: What to Expect

There’s no doubt that a voluptuous backside is the most desired body part these days, with pop-culture commentators declaring 2014 “The Year of Booty” and the huge splash made by Kim Kardashian’s naked photo spread. Scientists have explained the genetic reasons for the attraction.
For those seeking a curvy booty of their own, cosmetic surgery is an option. American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery statistics show butt augmentation rates increased by 58 percent from 2013 to 2014. Maybe you’re thinking about meeting with a plastic surgeon — want to know what it’s like?

StyleCaster writer Leah Bourne candidly shared all about her consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon and New York City Brazilian butt lift surgery expert Dr. Matthew Schulman. Bourne says she was “wondering about what could be done to my own not-too-big but not-too-perky pancake-shaped butt if I had a little professional help.”

Based on stories about other plastic surgeons, she was prepared for the worst when she arrived for her visit: “I’ve heard the horror stories of plastic surgeons shaming women with a million unsolicited suggestions about things they should do to fix themselves with plastic surgery’s help, and candidly, I was prepared to hear that and then some.” She was relieved that Dr. Schulman didn’t write on her body with a marker, and that he stuck to the question at hand.

Dr. Schulman first asked her to describe what result she is hoping to achieve with the surgery. “The result, he said, wouldn’t be crazy, but would definitely give me a little more volume back there, and help me fill out a pair of pants better,” Bourne explains. “The surgery would also help me achieve that ‘slope’ look that many women are after between the back and the butt.”

She marveled at before-and-after photos of Dr. Schulman’s Brazilian butt lift clients: “Looking at the doctor’s work, it was evident that there isn’t one type of woman getting this surgery — some were tall, others petite, some curvy, others slender, and the ethnicities varied tremendously. Bottom line: Butt augmentations have mainstream appeal.”

The photos also showed her that Dr. Schulman tailors his work to create a custom shape based on his client’s unique body. “It’s not about producing a bunch of women with the same butt, and that’s a good thing,” Bourne says.
Dr. Schulman performs six to eight butt augmentations a week, including his exclusive SCOOP Lift buttock contouring procedure.

For more information or to schedule your own private consultation, contact Matthew Schulman Plastic Surgery online or call at 212-289-1851.