Is Our Exclusive Smooth Tuck® The Right Choice For You?

Patients from around the world are traveling to Matthew Schulman Plastic Surgery‘s New York office to experience the benefits of his one-of-a-kind Smooth Tuck®.

Building on his many years of expertise with body contouring, Dr. Matthew Schulman developed the breakthrough procedure to help patients for whom a traditional tummy tuck wouldn’t be the right choice.

His exclusive technique has been featured on TV (including CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and “The Doctors”), in magazines and online, earning him notoriety — and a global client base. So, why all the attention?

Smooth Tuck® is less invasive and offers a number of significant advantages that make it more desirable to a wide range of patients, including those considered too overweight for a traditional tummy tuck. Smooth Tuck® combines high-volume liposuction with a procedure similar to a tummy tuck that removes excess skin and contours the body. “A traditional tummy tuck is a skin and muscles operation, the Smooth Tuck® is more about the fat,” Dr. Schulman says.

He first uses liposuction to remove fat — an average of 2 to 3 liters. (A standard tummy tuck removes only half a liter or less.) With the improved contour of the abdomen, flanks and bra rolls, the cosmetic results can be superior. “With the Smooth Tuck®, we’re able to remove the fat and provide patients who are considered ‘too obese’ for a tummy tuck with the improved contours they desire,” Dr. Schulman explains. Patients typically lose up to 10 pounds and two to three inches around the waist.
The Smooth Tuck® does not involve cutting the abdominal muscles, so recovery is faster and less painful, allowing patients to resume their normal activities with less down time. “With the Smooth Tuck®, there is no muscle work. This maintains the blood supply to the abdominal wall. You can’t do liposuction to the upper area of the abdominals and do muscle work because you run into wound healing problems. Because we avoid the muscle work, we can do the lipo as well,” Dr. Schulman says.

For patients who do require a tummy tuck, the stomach muscles are tightened. A traditional tummy tuck can have beautiful results for those who are close to their ideal weight and want to remove loose skin, tighten muscles that are weak after pregnancy and weight changes, and move the belly button to a more attractive location. These patients must avoid heavy lifting and physical exercise for six to eight weeks as their newly repaired abdominal muscles heal.

After a Smooth Tuck®, however, patients typically return to work within seven days and may exercise around the two- to three-week mark. Another benefit: No visible external scar around the belly button. The procedure takes place under general anesthesia and can be completed in about 2 hours.

If a Smooth Tuck® sounds right for you, our staff will be happy to help you make travel and lodging arrangements for your post-surgery stay in New York City. For more information, contact Dr. Schulman Plastic Surgery.