The Numbers Confirm 2014’s Booty Boom

The 2014 U.S. plastic surgery statistics have arrived. So, was it really
The Year of Booty,” as many predicted?

It certainly was!The numbers from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that butt procedures were among the fastest-growing cosmetic surgeries in 2014:

* Buttock augmentation with fat grafting (11,505 procedures, up 15 percent in 2014)
* Buttock implants (1,863 procedures, up 98 percent in 2014)
* Buttock lift (3,505 procedures, up 44 percent in 2014)

The reasons are both external — admiring popular celebrity butts like Kim Kardashian‘s — and instinctual, as scientists explain the genetic reasons for the attraction.

New York City Brazilian butt lift surgery expert
Dr. Matthew Schulman performs six to eight butt augmentations a week.

Dr. Schulman takes unwanted fat from other areas of your body and processes it to extract the best fat cells to enhance your backside. Superior to implants, this method is safer, more natural looking and longer lasting — the results will last forever.

Dr. Schulman refined the traditional Brazilian butt lift, creating his exclusive SCOOP Lift® procedure, which combines the best aspects of a number of different buttock contouring techniques.

View our before-and-after Brazilian butt lift photos to see examples of Dr. Schulman’s clients.

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