Now, You Can Add Botox To Breast Surgery To Ease Recovery

One of New York City’s top cosmetic surgeons is in the news yet again for pioneering an innovative technique. Dr. Matthew Schulman has added Botox to breast augmentation surgery to give his patients faster, better and more natural-looking recovery time.

“During a Botox-assisted breast augmentation, a precise amount of Botox is injected directly into the chest muscle from the inside. The Botox will relax the muscles for about three to four months,” Dr. Schulman told Byrdie.

Relaxing the chest muscles reduces muscle spasms as they heal, meaning less pain and shorter recovery time. It also improves the look of your new breasts. “Usually after traditional breast augmentation, the implants can appear to be high on the chest for about six months,” Dr. Schulman said. “This is normal, but high implants can look unattractive or very fake.”

When Dr. Schulman uses Botox to relax the muscles, however, the implants drop into a pleasing final position within four to six weeks.

One of Dr. Schulman’s patients — 31-year-old Jennifer, who works in Manhattan — told the New York Daily News about her experience with Botox-assisted breast surgery: “I felt great, like I didn’t have it done. I was back to work in a few days. The implants settled quickly.”

As far as risks go, Dr. Schulman says, “When done correctly, it has no negative effect on the chest muscle and will not interfere with any chest or arm strength.”

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