“Mommy Makeover” Myths

A “mommy makeover “ is an operation that combines multiple procedures into a single operation. Every mommy makeover is different. For example, one person’s mommy makeover may include a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction while somebody else’s may include a breast lift Brazilian butt lift and liposuction. A mommy makeover is a customized operation designed to treat multiple areas of the body in one single save operation. This combination of procedures has become more common as surgical techniques and anesthesia techniques have improved, thereby allowing more procedures to be done safely at the same time. Surgical procedures have become less invasive and anesthesia techniques have also become safer and easier for the patient. There are still several misconceptions about a mommy makeover procedure, so let’s discuss some of the most common myths.

Every mommy makeover is the same- MYTH

This is false. No to mommy makeovers are the same. A mommy makeover is customized to each person’s needs and desires. What one person wants will definitely be different than what another person wants. You are board-certified plastic surgeon will come up with a plan that meets your needs. Your mommy makeover will address multiple parts of your body in a single safe operation. The most common procedures that are done as part of a mommy makeover include a breast lift or reduction, breast implants, tummy tuck, liposuction, Brazilian butt lift. Every person will likely have a different combination and slight modifications to these procedures, making each mommy makeover different.

A mommy makeover is too much surgery at once – MYTH

Certainly, there is a limit to what procedures can be done in a single operation. The more complex the procedure and the longer the operating time, the higher the chance of having a complication. Therefore, your mommy makeover will be designed keeping safety in mind. This means that while you may want four separate procedures in your mommy makeover operation, your surgeon may only agree to do two or three procedures. So, saying a mommy makeover is too much surgery at once is simply not true because every mommy makeover is different, and mommy makeovers are designed with your safety in mind. Of course, if you are planning on a combination of procedures, you will need to be healthy and not have any medical conditions that place you had increased risk for a surgery. If you have medical problems, your plastic surgeon may recommend dividing your procedures into separate operations in order to decrease your operative time and decrease your potential risks.

You need to be a mommy to have a mommy makeover – MYTH

This is just not true. The term “mommy makeover” is just a cute term used to describe the operation. However, you do not need to be a mommy to get a mommy makeover. Anyone who wants to change their body and have multiple procedures combined into a single operation can have a mommy makeover.  You don’t have to be a mommy and you don’t have to even be a woman. Sometimes people even refer to a similar operation on a man as a “daddy do over”. The mommy makeover is just a catchy marketing term that makes it easy to refer to a combination of procedures in a single operation.

Any procedures can be combined in a mommy makeover – MYTH

There are dozens of different operations that you may desire and many of these can be safely combined into a single operation. However, not every operation is good to do as part of a mommy makeover. Your plastic surgeon will help you decide whether the combination of procedures if you want it is safe and what is recommended. Some procedures are too complex and require too much operating room time so they are best done separately. Other procedures just don’t combine well. For example, if you were having surgery on your front, such as a breast lift or breast reduction, it does not always make sense to perform a procedure on the back, such as a Brazilian Butt Lift, at the same time.  This is because the healing and results may be adversely affected. Also, if you were having a tummy tuck, you will require good use of your arms during the recovery period. Therefore, doing an extensive surgery on your arms, such as an arm lift, would make your recovery extremely difficult and is not recommended.

My mommy makeover will require a few days stay in the hospital – MYTH

This is not true. Most mommy makeovers can be done as an ambulatory procedure. This means that you will be able to go home the same day as your surgery. Your mommy makeover will be done in an accredited operating room which may be a certified office operating room for an ambulatory surgery center. Depending on the length of your surgery you will stay in the recovery room for a few hours and then be discharged home. There may be some situations where an overnight stay in the hospital is recommended but this is usually not necessary in most cases.

The cost of a mommy makeover is the cost of all the procedures together – MYTH

Mommy Makeover New York City Obviously the cost of a plastic surgery operation will vary depending on the specific procedures you are getting as well as the surgeon and geographic location. However, there is always a cost benefit to having procedures combined. This means that the cost of a combined tummy tuck, breast lift, and liposuction will be significantly lower then the individual cost of the procedures added together. This is because there is generally a cost savings when procedures are combined, because there will be savings on the anesthesia facility fee. Whether or not this reduced cost is still out of your budget is a different issue, but the cost of a mommy makeover will be less than all the procedures separately.

The recovery from a mommy makeover will be very long – MYTH

The recovery process is directly related to the specific procedures you were having done. But often times the recovery process for multiple procedures occur at the same time. This means that your recovery from your breast lift will be happening at the same time as your recovery from your tummy tuck. So, you may experience more pain and your recovery may be more intense, but it will not be longer. This is something to consider when deciding whether or not a mommy makeover operation is for you. Your recovery may be tougher, but it may not necessarily be longer. This is a real consideration when trying to figure out how much time away from work and family will be required.

Any plastic surgeon can perform my mommy makeover – MYTH

This is interesting since most plastic surgeons are fully capable of performing the procedures that you want as far as your mommy makeover. The specialized part is. However, just being able to perform this procedure separately does not mean that they can safely and effectively perform these procedures together. Combining multiple procedures into a single operation is much more complex. It requires a trained and experienced operating team as well as an anesthesiologist and facility experienced in these procedures. Combining multiple procedures in a single operation, it is imperative to be able to work usually and to reduce the required anesthesia time. There is a very specific order and sequence to these procedures, as well as modifications to the recovery that need to be made as part of your mommy makeover. Also, just because your plastic surgeon is good at breast surgery does not mean that he or she is equally as good at tummy tucks for whatever other procedure you want as part of your mommy makeover.

If you were interested in learning more about combining multiple procedures into a single operation contact Dr. Matthew Schulman. Dr. Schulman is a board-certified plastic surgeon practicing in New York City. He has extensive experience in performing mommy makeover procedures and has authored a textbook chapter specifically about mommy makeovers.