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How Long Does Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Take?

BBL Recovery

Some of the most common questions we receive at Schulman Plastic Surgery are in regards to BBL procedure and recovery:

  • “How long will the BBL recovery time be?”
  • “How bad will the pain be after BBL surgery?
  • “Will I ever be able to sit on my butt again?”

Things like that.

And we get it! You want that snatched waist and curvaceous bottom, but you’re not exactly looking forward to being laid up and in pain week after week. 

The good news is, any discomfort you feel during your Brazilian butt lift recovery won’t last forever. And furthermore, there are some things you can do to help your whole recovery process move along and ensure you attain optimal results.

BBL recovery time

What to Expect During BBL Recovery

The first thing worth nothing here is that your Brazilian butt lift recovery time will vary. That is, no two patients are alike, and no two surgeries are alike. Your experience will be unique.

In general, however, most BBL recovery time lines go a little something like this:

Brazilian butt lift recovery: First 4 to 5 Days

Brazilian butt lift surgery is performed by Dr. Schulman a board certified plastic surgeon at the fully-certified operating room located within his office. The procedure generally takes around two to three hours, after which you will be taken to the on-premise recovery room. You’ll stay here and be cared for by staff for about one to two hours before you feel well enough to go home. 

Although the procedure is performed under general anesthesia, patients can go home on the same day as their surgery. 

At home, you’ll have some pain and discomfort which be the worst without pain medication, over the first four to five days post-surgery. Fortunately, you’ll have pain medications to help reduce this pain and improve your overall comfort.

Remember to follow Dr. Schulman’s BBL recovery tips and instructions from the get-go. First and foremost, do not sit on your butt. This can be a challenge, but you’ll need to recline in other positions and sleep on your stomach. Avoiding sitting on your butt will retain those grafted fat cells and give you optimal results.

BBL Recovery: First 2 Weeks

While the worst pain will subside after four to five days, some soreness will persist for several weeks. Liposuction is generally “to blame” for this discomfort as it notoriously causes swelling, bruising, and overall soreness.

Even though the soreness will continue, most BBL patients still feel well enough to return to work or school after about 10 to 14 days. However, this depends on how much liposuction you had. If you have a considerable amount of liposuction and the soreness you’re experiencing is still significant, you might want to take a longer time resting at home. Whether you go back to work or school or not at the two-week mark, remember to continue avoiding sitting on your butt.

Also keep in mind that throughout these first two weeks, swelling will also be present, though it should be going down day by day. Many patients are alarmed by this because swelling will persist in the abdomen or elsewhere where liposuction was performed. In this way, it may not appear that any fat was really taken out. Take heart, however, that as the swelling goes down, you’ll begin to see your real results. 

Likewise, your bottom may not appear to be in the shape you ultimately want it to be. Again, that’s likely the swelling that is changing the appearance of your buttocks, so don’t assume that this will be your ultimate result. Give it time.

BBL Recovery timeline: Weeks 3 to 6

Throughout this time, continue to avoid sitting on your butt. After approximately four to six weeks, most patients are starting to feel very happy with the way they look.

You’ll see your buttocks begin to look rounder, and the fat will settle into place nicely. You’ll also see the swelling go down wherever you had liposuction.

BBL Recovery Pain: 6 Weeks to 6 Months

At the six-month mark, you should see what will probably be your full results after BBL surgery. The transferred fat cells will be attractively attached to their new location, which will result in a “fluffed” appearance, as some call it. Likewise, the skin will relax around the new fat cells and settle into position as well.

BBL recovery tips

BBL Recovery Tips 

1. Plan ahead as much as possible.

Before surgery, pick up your prescriptions, get some groceries, and arrange for help at home. The more you can do beforehand, the more prepared you’ll be when you come home from surgery and have limited mobility.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Especially if you have small kids at home, you’ll need help, so don’t be afraid to ask for it!

Directly after surgery, you need to have someone take you home from the procedure. After that, be sure you have someone to help watch over your kids, prepare meals, pick up prescriptions and groceries, etc.

If you try to do all of these things on your own, you risk compromising your recovery and possibly even causing medical complications.

3. Stay ahead of your pain.

The discomfort from BBL surgery can be severe during the very first week and four to five days after the procedure. Use the pain medications Dr. Schulman prescribes for you wisely, and “stay ahead of your pain”.

This means taking your medications consistently so that the pain doesn’t surge up in between doses and cause more significant discomfort.

4. Do not smoke.

If you are a smoker, you will have already spoken with Dr. Schulman about ceasing smoking for the weeks prior to your surgery and the weeks after surgery. Do not give in and smoke during this critical initial recovery and period. It could cause serious medical problems, not to mention compromising your aesthetic results.

Questions and Answers

How painful is BBL recovery?

The recovery process after a BBL can vary from person to person, and the level of pain experienced will depend on several factors, including the extent of the surgery, the individual’s pain tolerance, and the surgeon’s technique.

Pain medication can be prescribed to help manage any discomfort. Additionally, patients are advised to avoid sitting or lying on their backs for a few weeks to allow the transferred fat to settle and avoid putting pressure on the buttocks.

However, with proper post-operative care and following your surgeon’s instructions, the discomfort can be minimized, and patients can expect to return to their normal routine within a few weeks. It’s essential to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about the recovery process with your surgeon before the procedure.

How long are you on bed rest after a BBL?

The length of time for bed rest after a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure(BBL) can vary from patient to patient and may depend on the extent of the procedure and the healing process. However, in general, most patients are advised to avoid sitting or lying on their backs for at least two weeks after the surgery.

When can I sit down after BBL?

After a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), patients are generally advised to avoid sitting or lying on their backs for at least two weeks during the recovery period. During this time, it’s recommended to lie or sleep on your stomach or side to avoid putting pressure on the buttocks.

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