NY Daily News – Woman Busted at Airport Smuggling Cocaine Inside Her Breast Implants -August 14, 2014.

New York Daily News article where Matthew Schulman, M.D. is quoted on story of Spanish police have arresting a 43-year-old Venezuelan woman who landed in Madrid’s international airport trying to smuggle 3.7 pounds of cocaine via her breast implants. See Press Item

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New York Times. Dr. Schulman discussing a new trend: hand facials for recently engaged women. May 25, 2014.

It was the stuff of Marie Valencis’ dreams: a 3.9-carat, princess-cut, platinum engagement ring with a diamond band — which her fiancé picked out by himself. But after the initial elation wore off, a seemingly more practical matter popped into her head: What about the selfies she would invariably post on Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere? See Press Item

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Males are seeking plastic surgery as a way to advance their careers. April 16, 2014, METRO NY.

It’s not just fresh young ideas that have career value nowadays — could a face untouched by life or time be a résumé booster?
It’s not just women lining up for fillers and facelifts — guys, too, want to keep up appearances in the office with a little knife work. See Press Item

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Brazilian Buttock Lifting. El Diario

Stress may be Showing on Obama’s Face.

Karolina Kurkov’s bellybutton mystery solved