Necklift in New York City

The neck is a problem area for many people. It causes men to seek cover by growing beards and women to hide under turtlenecks and scarves—even in summer. Although the aging process is often to blame, even young people can experience dissatisfaction with the appearance of the neck area. Necklift surgery at our New York City practice can restore a tighter, smoother, more attractive neckline that you will be proud to show off.

The Necklift Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Schulman will analyze your neck to determine whether the issue is loose skin, loose muscle, excess fat, or a combination of these. Then, he will explain which necklift technique will give you the results you want and discuss what you can expect after the procedure.

Although a necklift can be extremely effective alone, Dr. Schulman sometimes recommends that patients of our New York City practice combine necklift surgery with facelift surgery for more dramatic facial rejuvenation.

The Necklift Procedure

During a necklift, Dr. Schulman removes excess skin through carefully placed and hidden incisions around the ears. Sometimes he also needs to tighten the underlying neck muscle that may be causing formation of vertical bands. This is called a platysmaplasty and is accomplished through a small incision under the chin in a natural skin crease. The result is a tighter neck with a well-defined jawline.

For individuals with excess fat in the neck, Dr. Schulman can perform liposuction to create a smoother neck contour. He accomplishes this through very small incisions hidden behind the earlobes and under the chin. After this excess fat is gently removed, the overlying skin will tighten, giving a more defined and youthful appearance to the neck and chin area. The use of laser liposuction can help tighten the overlying skin more effectively than traditional liposuction techniques.

It is common for there to be a combination of loose skin and excess fat. In this situation, Dr. Schulman can combine the removal of excess skin with liposuction of the excess fat to provide total rejuvenation of the neck.

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