Male Liposuction in New York City—Define Your Physique

Even the most fit and athletic man has unwanted stores of fat, most commonly in the flanks, abdomen, lower back, neck, and chest. These fat deposits are often extremely resistant to diet and exercise. Male liposuction at our New York City practice can help you remove unwanted fat and sculpt your body the way the gym cannot. Dr. Matthew Schulman’s exceptional aesthetic results and outstanding patient care explain why his male liposuction patients include celebrities, CEOs, models, and body builders.

How is Liposuction for Men Performed?

Dr. Schulman uses a variety of liposuction techniques on his male patients, including tumescent, power-assisted, and laser liposuction. During your consultation at our New York City office, Dr. Schulman will review the advantages of each of these techniques and develop an individualized treatment plan.

The liposuction procedure for men involves the removal of unwanted fat through tiny incisions created in discreet locations. With the eye of a sculptor, Dr. Schulman can shape the chest, remove love handles, eliminate a protruding gut, define a six-pack, and improve a turkey neck. The advanced male liposuction techniques employed by Dr. Schulman helps patients return to their normal routines as quickly as possible.

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