Male Tummy Tuck Surgery in New York City

For many men, diet and exercise alone are not enough to give them the flat, toned abdominal contours they desire. Tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, removes excess skin and fat while tightening underlying abdominal muscles to create a tailored waistline. Dr. Matthew Schulman performs male tummy tuck surgery at our New York City practice to help men regain their athletic-looking physiques.

Is Male Tummy Tuck Surgery Right for Me?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your abdomen and midsection, a tummy tuck may be for you. During your private male tummy tuck consultation at our New York City plastic surgery center, Dr. Schulman will evaluate you and determine if the problem is excess skin, excess fat, or a combination of both.

While male liposuction will successfully remove abdominal fat, it will do nothing for excess or loose skin. The only way to eliminate the excess skin is to remove it through abdominoplasty. In the vast majority of cases, Dr. Schulman performs simultaneous liposuction and tummy tuck to give his male patients the most pleasing abdominal contours.

How is Abdominoplasty for Men Performed?

Many of the basic technical steps involved in abdominoplasty are the same for both men and women. The difference between a male tummy tuck and a female tummy tuck lies in the contouring of the torso. Whereas female patients want an hourglass appearance, male patients desire a more masculine hip to waist ratio.

During your tummy tuck procedure, Dr. Schulman will perform careful liposculpting of your abdomen to define a six-pack. If he feels that your abdominal muscles are weakened or stretched, he will perform abdominal muscle tightening, or plication, during your tummy tuck. He will meticulously plan your incision so that the resulting scar will be well hidden beneath your clothing.

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Dr. Schulman takes great pride in safely providing excellent results with abdominoplasty for his male patients. See why men come to him from around the world for his experience and results. To learn more about male tummy tuck in New York City or to schedule your consultation, click here or call 212-289-1851.

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