Lasers have become extremely popular in recent years as a non-surgical alternative for a variety of problems.  Lasers are now used to reduce fat and cellulite, reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, tighten loose skin, eliminate acne, and treat scars.

For many years, Dr. Schulman has worked with several laser companies helping them to develop effective technologies and treatment protocols.  Because Dr. Schulman has been at the forefront in laser development his office features the most advance laser technologies.

Laser Cellulite Reduction: A laser may be used to heat and massage cellulite areas throughout the body. This breaks up the fat clusters that appear as cellulite resulting in a dramatic improvement not achievable through diet and exercise. The treatment plan may involve more than one session to achieve the best result.


Laser Fat Reduction: The idea behind laser fat reduction is to heat up underlying fat cells without the need for liposuction. The body than naturally eliminates this fat. Studies have shown that many people report a several inch reduction in the size of their hips and abdomen after a series of treatments.

Laser Skin Tightening: Laser skin tightening may be accomplished with the use of a laser to stimulate collagen production and improve the appearance of loose, sagging skin of the face and body. Skin tightening may occur after the first treatment and results continue to improve over time. More than one session may be required to achieve the benefit. The lasers that Dr. Schulman use are completely non-ablative – this means that there is no damage to the outer layers of the skin, so there is no downtime required.

Laser Wrinkle Reduction: Lasers may be used for the improvement of fine to moderate wrinkles on many areas of the face. Lasers can remove the outer layers of skin that contain the imperfections, allowing for the growth of new, smooth skin.  Depending on the severity of your wrinkles, multiple treatment sessions may be necessary.


Laser Acne Reduction: Laser acne reduction is a more recent trend for the treatment of acne. The laser acts to kill bacteria that cause acne and also to reduce the body’s inflammation that is a natural response to this bacteria.  It also may stimulate that body’s own ability to prevent and treat acne.  Dr. Schulman has seen improvement after a series of treatments in even the most severe cases of acne.

Laser Scar Reduction: Lasers may also be used to improve the appearance of scars. The disruption of the scar with a laser allows for the replacement of this scar with smooth, healthy skin tissue.  Depending on the severity of your scar, several treatments may be necessary.


Laser Stretch Mark Reduction: Lasers may also be used to reduce the visibility of stretch marks. The laser can shrink the stretch mark and stimulate new tissue formation beneath the stretch mark, making the stretch mark less visible. Depending on the severity of your stretch marks, several treatments may be necessary.


Laser Vein Removal: Lasers may be used to treat visible veins or broken blood vessels on the face as well as remove the appearance of spider veins on the body. The laser works by heating the inside of the vein to seal the vein and reduce its appearance through the skin. There is an immediate improvement, but multiple treatments may be necessary for complex veins.

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