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Matthew Schulman, M.D. New York City Plastic Surgeon has created his own surgical technique for removing fat, removing excess skin, and improving the shape of the abdomen - with significantly less downtime than a traditional Tummy Tuck. The Smooth Tuck™ combines aggressive liposuction of the abdomen and flanks with removal of loose and hanging skin. The result is improved abdominal contour with minimal downtime.

Smooth Tuck™ offer some advantages over the traditional Tummy tuck, including:

  • reduced post-operative discomfort
  • more rapid return to activities
  • no belly button incision
  • larger volume fat removal with liposuction
  • an option for patients considered “too obese” for a Tummy Tuck

Traditional tummy tucks involve internal muscle tightening that is responsible for the majority of the post-operative pain and prolonged recovery. After a Tummy Tuck, patients are advised to avoid heavy lifting or returning to the gym for 6-8 weeks in order to protect this muscle repair. Because no muscle repair is done during the Smooth Tuck™, the patients report significantly less post-operative discomfort and may return to normal activities within 7 days and may exercise at 14 days.

Additionally, the Smooth Tuck™ involves repositioning the belly button without any skin incision or external stitches. Because the belly button repositioning is done from the inside, there is no visible external scar around the belly button that can become thickened and unsightly.

The Smooth Tuck™ involves aggressive liposuction of the entire abdomen and flanks. On average, 2-3 liters of fat is removed through liposuction. This amount of liposuction is not possible during a standard Tummy Tuck because of the risk of complications. As a comparison, a standard Tummy Tuck may include liposuction of half a liter or less. This allows for improved abdominal contour after a Smooth Tuck™, especially in patients who are not ideal Tummy Tuck candidates because they have moderate to severe abdominal fat.

The loose hanging skin is removed after this aggressive liposuction. The scar is well hidden beneath underwear or a bathing suit.

The Smooth Tuck™ takes approximately 2 hours, and is performed under general anesthesia. It is a great option for people who are not ideal candidates for a traditional Tummy Tuck, or those who desire a less invasive procedure with a more rapid recovery.

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